A thousand words.

“My coaching relationship with Chris Magdelain has been exciting, fun but most of all insightful. Chris has been instrumental in helping me to identify beliefs that have been slowing me down, to realize new beliefs that are more beneficial and taught me new goal setting techniques that have given me the ability to re-prioritize my strategies which are now based on my true-life goals and passions. Over the past nine months, with his help and support, I have found new direction and motivation to accomplish these goals. Chris’ ability to assist me in getting to the heart of matters has enabled me to see and create opportunities, be authentic in all that I do and bring balance to my life. Working with Chris has helped me to realize many successes in my life, both personal and professional. It is a relationship that will continue for years to come.”

Pamela Miller
Entrepreneur & Owner
Zakti, LLC
Co-CEO & President
LIFE Cirque, LLC

“I have witness the power of Chris’ coaching. Through a gentle, curious approach, Chris has been able to get to the root of what holds people back and helps them move forward. He sees and believes in the higher power ability in each and every one of us. Chris brings compassion and clarity to every session! P.S. His wife makes the best crackballs ever!”

Jennifer Barley, PCC

“As an executive coach, Chris offered me something that I found very rare and that was a deep insight into what I was feeling and going through. Chris was able to challenge me and hold me accountable yet he was always empathetic toward my feelings and challenges. I can’t tell you how much Chris has helped me change my life and my business. I love you Chris!”

Mark D. Cunningham, M.A., M.S., LUTCF
President, Cunningham Insurance Agency, Inc.
State Farm Insurance Companies

“Chris Magdelain’s professional expertise, passion and creativity makes him a natural and effective executive coach. His ability to listen deeply and objectively and ask powerful questions of his clients, helps them reach their goals and objectives with clarity, meaning and even greater purpose. When you want to get something accomplished, Chris can support you in accessing the resources to make it possible.”

Stephanie Marisca, PCC
Personal and Professional Development Coach

“From the moment Chris became my coach, my performance as a Chief Executive has noticeably increased. Chris knows the right questions to ask and has helped me look at things from a different perspective. Before I engaged with Chris, I thought coaching would bring little to no value to my organization. And now I’ve been empowered to think otherwise. In retrospect, I see how important having the right coach is — and the impact it has in my ability to obtain greater success in achieving things I did not think I could. Having Chris as a partner has been priceless. He is an extraordinary coach but also truly has your best interest in mind. I’ve been so impressed with the results of coaching that I have renewed my contract with Chris…because I see the difference he makes in the success of my business. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to enjoy noticeably increased productivity and an improved corporate bottom-line.”

Sandra Tibbs
Chief Executive Officer
Neverest Solutions

“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Chris Magdelain over a nine month period. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in professional coaching, brand development, marketing and advertising, and top notch web presence. His coaching and guidance helped me with starting up, marketing and growing my business. Chris helped me uncover what I wanted my professional message to be, helped me create that message in a unique, professional and authentic way, and then helped me market my message through the latest in web and social media opportunities. He brings his gifts of passion, integrity, extensive experience and expertise to his clients. I would recommend that anyone wanting to be coached by a professional in uncovering, creating and developing who they are and where they want to go in life, both professionally and personally, to work with Chris.”

Anita Lane
Transformational Healing Life Coach