Questions & Answers

Because periodically, even we must answer your questions.

How is Executive Coaching different from other forms of coaching?

All forms of coaching are similar in the way they are intended to take individuals to a higher level, increase ability and uncover hidden strengths, resulting in greater momentum, capacity and results. Executive coaching is unique in the way it addresses the specific needs of Executives and successful business owners — either on a personal level or corporate level. Executive Coaching, unlike other forms of coaching, may also focus assignments and self-realization around distinct corporate goals, values or visions — in addition to personal goals, values and visions.

What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is not therapy, psychology, mentoring or consulting. Rather, it is similar to athletic coaching in the way an athletic coach can stand on the sideline and see how an entire organization, team and individual functions as a unit towards personal goals, collective goals and overall self-improvement. The form of Executive Coaching we offer works in a similar fashion and also focuses strongly on self-realization, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and Energy Leadership to propel leaders into a higher state of performance.

Many Companies seem to employ Executive Coaches. What’s going on?

Management understands the value in coaching — not only for one executive, but in many instances for a series of C-level executives, teams or departments. The value of executive coaching is readily apparent and the R.O.I. has been proven. As a matter of fact, a study by Fortune Magazine found that Fortune 1000 companies using executive coaching saw a 53% increase in overall productivity, 32% increase in retention of senior personnel, 23% reduction in costs and 22% increase in bottom-line profitability. This equates to an average 600%-700% return-on-investment.

How can Executive Coaching help my organization?

Besides offering an average 600%-700% return-on-investment for a company, Executive Coaching simultaneously makes a profound positive impact on the individuals being coached. Individuals often see marked improvement in communication, leadership ability, time management, interpersonal relationships, the ability to set and reach goals, decision-making and personal accountability. This happens by exploring not only collective business goals, but also personal goals, skills, competencies, passions, family, spirituality, hobbies and ambitions.

What is your fee structure for Executive Coaching?

Fees for Executive Coaching vary from client to client, mainly because each client has unique needs, desires, goals and outcomes. We welcome an introductory session to discover more about you and collectively decide which components of our services can be of highest value and ROI to you. In determining fee structure, we will discuss items such as your corporate and personal goals, whether or not you prefer individual (one-to-one) coaching or coaching of a team, the length of the engagement and whether or not an Energy Leadership Assessment (ELI) or ELI 360 Assessment are part of the package. Seven Sectors offers a variety of “base” packages for the most commonly requested engagements and we can tailor any package to meet your specific short or long-term plans.

How long are your Executive Coaching engagements?

The most profound results are typically experienced after at least a 3 months Executive Coaching engagement. For that reason, we highly recommend an engagement of at least 3-6 months for individuals. After this initial engagement, coaching often continues on a monthly basis that can be suspended or cancelled at any time. For group and team coaching, a 6-month engagement offers more R.O.I. since more time is necessary to explore the inter-dynamics and dependencies of relationship personalities between team members and roles.